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Officially Unofficial Milwaukee

The greatest clothes in the whole world


what's going on here?

Welcome to Milwaukee Knockoff, our city's one and only totally unofficial apparel shop.

We love our city. Milwaukee is the place we grew up, went to school, got jobs and started families. It’s not without its issues, but despite the scarier stuff going on in the world, we believe that Milwaukee is well situated for greatness. We hope we can be part of that in our own weird way.

The disclaimer: Milwaukee Knockoff is not officially affiliated with anything, and we mean it. Milwaukee Knockoff is a worker-owned cooperative/artificial intelligence neural network generating quality, original content for your torso and limbs. Any resemblance to any person, place or thing, organization or trademarked iconography is purely coincidental-ish.

Milwaukee Knockoff is proud to partner with Designaway, a cooperative project of the Walnut Way Conservation Corp. Our union-made shirts are all printed right here, in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee. That means about half of every sale goes directly to Walnut Way to support their mission of cooperative economics and community wealth building in Milwaukee! Learn more about our partnership and printing process Here!

photo by Anna Shvetz


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