I've used the same web-hosting service for years now, ever since I've been developing web pages. As a company, they're reliable and cheap and I am too comfortable with them at this point to probably ever use anyone else. What—you may ask—does any of that have to do with this weird site?

In 2019, I logged into my email to discover that my web-hosting service had gifted me a free domain name to celebrate my customer loyalty. What luck!

Shove your mind back all the way to 2019, during the regular basketball season. Now, I don't actually watch sports that much, but there was no avoiding how well our beloved Bucks were performing during that season, thanks in large part to the impressive talents of a young and gifted man from Greece.

They seemed unstoppable, and to cash in on Bucks fervor, a series of tents appeared on steet corners and medians to sell not-quite-official Bucks paraphernalia. I recall thinking to myself: "I could design way more knock-offy stuff than that!" And took it as a challange to do just that.

That very day I created Milwaukee Knockoff dot com, using my free domain name (it was only free for the first year—of course) and designed the first shirt that would grace its pages: Be Afraid of a Deer.

I dove in head first, designing a collection of shirts, each more stupid than the last.


Fast forward to the worst year in modern reckoning. Things weren't great, to put it mildly. However, there was at least one bright spot. Through my work with the Milwaukee Mesh Network Cooperative, I was introduced to the amazing folks at Walnut Way. We got to talking, and it was decided that production of Milwaukee Knockoff shirts could finally come home, and I would be personally instrumental in getting operations underway. I'm excited about my future working at Designaway, providing DTG printing for Milwaukeeans!

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